With BLAKIT you can:

Outpace your competitors
Using latest and greatest in mobile and web, including machine learning, AR/VR and blockchain technologies
Participate in the development
If you prefer hands-on approach, you can work back-to-back with our developers. Even in our office!
Develop great products
Within limited budget and be protected from unexpected costs
Stand out from the rest
With cross-platform design from award-winning UX-professionals. Or bring us your own visual style and we'll implement it into any product!
Keep your ideas secure
We are ready to sign NDAs before discussing any details and provide a personal Project manager to create a statement of work for your project
Be a part of BLAKIT family
an IT company with the highest employee satisfaction rating in Belarus

Our approach to development:

We contact you and discuss your vision of the project
We research the business you operate in, analyze competitors
Finalizing the details of the project, assembling the team, signing contract
Release and post-release support
Testing and bug fixing
Design & development: weekly reports, answering your questions 24/7

Success stories

We developed mobile and web applications for what's about to become the #1 asthma monitoring service in the world
Our clients managed to increase their lead conversion by 40% and get rid of most unnecessary paperwork with our web app
A medical startup with our web portal and mobile application got licensed in 32 countries already, and attracted $5 Million of investments
A startup from Finland with an innovative tool for relaxation and a mobile app by OZiTAG brought net income to its founders and now sells its devices all over the world

Why Belarus?

Western mentality
With Agile approach to business and startup work environment helps achieve insane synergy in development. Just ask our clients!
European contracts and business processes
While preserving relatively low rates for mobile and web development
The most advanced tech legislature of 2018
With the new digital economy decree everything – from legal cryptocurrencies to foreign R&D centers – is possible in Belarus.
Small time difference
Encourages efficient day-to-day communication
You don't need a visa to visit
If you arrive by plane and stay no longer than 5 days
Qualified professionals
We built on top-notch Soviet engineering knowledge to create a system of tech education able to produce elite programmers and encourage them to improve their skills constantly

What our clients say

Press about us and our projects

We're getting famous! Slowly, but still...
An interview with our client, Salim Madjd, on Onliner.by, a leading Belarusian media
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Minsk Mobile Guide app developed by our CEO Alex Korolchuk got featured on a leading news portal in Belarus – TUT.BY
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iOS App AsthmaMD 3.0 Makes It Easier For Patients And Physicians To Manage Symptoms
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2 of our apps were named among the Top-50 Belarusian apps of all time
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An interview with Simo Pahkamaa, CEO of Neurosonic
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The Wall Street Journal article covering the most advanced medical apps, including AsthmaMD
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An app developed by our CEO Alex Korolchuk and his fellows was once again featured on TUT.BY – a leading news portal in Belarus
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Health Tracking Goes High-Tech – featuring AsthmaMD
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