OZiTAG Web Experts became a partner of Bit-Cup 2018 Student Olympiad!

Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics holds Bit-Cup student Olympiad every year. The Faculty of Computer Systems and Networks of BSUIR – the event’s organizer – since 2010 has been the first one among the faculties of the country’s universities, whose graduates are in demand in the High-Tech Park.

Leading IT companies – partners of Bit-Cup – create competitions and estimate their completion. At various times sponsors and partners of the Olympiad were such famous companies as Wargaming and Yandex.

Tasks are similar to those that web and mobile developers encounter on the projects. Thanks to that, they gain practical skill and knowledge. The Olympiad has no analogs in Belarus.

This year Bit-Cup was held for the fifth time. 469 students and magistrand from 37 educational institutions took part in 5 different competitions. We became partners of the Olympiad and the organizers of the mobile app development contest. It included 44 participants.


The competition consisted of the preliminary round and final. At the first stage, the participants had to build a mobile fitness application on iOS or Android. They also could additionally create the app for watchOS or Wear OS.

The solution was to monitor the user physical activity (activity time, number of steps, distance covered, calories burned), support integration with Google Fit or HealthKit, collect and display user statistics, and record the history from the beginning of using the tracker.

“The Korolchuk brothers and I were developing the contest and wanted the tasks to be interesting and the received skills – useful”, – says Denis Baydan, the head of iOS development at OZiTAG.

“Mobile fitness apps are our strong side. We have experience in building trackers and sports applications. The Internet of Things is a popular area in which we have done several projects. So we decided to combine the mobile with IoT.

Vitya Kozub, our PM, who led many projects with US and European customers, was responsible for the work planning and communication with the university. He also helped us generate ideas”, – says Artem Korolchuk, director of custom Android app development.

To make it into the final, the teams had to send us the source code, the assembly instruction, and demo, showing all the features in action. We evaluated the requirements’ implementation, the code quality, the app functioning, and its resource intensity.

We paid attention to the technologies used and the completion of additional tasks, for example, the creation of training sessions and GPS support. For instance, the winning team made the definition of exercises (squats, pushups, etc.), analyzed the sensor signal, and determined the human squats, and took an advantage.)

We launched a Telegram channel to assist participants – by answering questions, sending necessary information – and were in touch. When preparing for the final, we held calls with the teams and gave our recommendations for improving their apps.

The results of a mobile app development competition

  • 1st place – Anton Matveyenko, Nikita Poluektov, Sergey Starushkin; Minsk State College of Electronics
  • 2nd place – Jan Khamutovsky; Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics
  • 3rd place – Ivan Andreev, Vitaliy Pankov, Vyacheslav Protasenya; Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics

Perhaps, the winners’ award ceremony was our favorite part. We believe that for the winners too. 🙂


                                                                                                                 Of course, the gift distribution to us was no less wonderful. 🙂


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