AsthmaMD: the development of world’s #1 asthma control app

Client: – a medical startup from Silicon Valley created by Dr. Sam Pejham and Salim Madjd. AsthmaMD is the world’s only comprehensive asthma support solution founded by a physician, Dr. Pejham to better support asthma care.

Now available in 15,000 pharmacies across the US, the AsthmaMD Peak Flow Meter is the most accurate product in its class. Combined with the innovative AsthmaMD 3.0 mobile app, and the MyAsthmaMD physician portal, it’s providing the first complete asthma care solution.

The startup was featured on CBS, Wall Street Journal, Techcrunch and many other news sources.


Real-life implementation of an ambitious idea to create a comprehensive system for asthma data monitoring and control, available both for patients and doctors.

The creation of Android and iOS applications, as well as a functional web portal and special peak flow meter connectivity to make it possible for both doctors and patients to participate in research and harvest all the perks of effective asthma control through data analysis.


The collaboration between OZiTAG and AsthmaMD dates back to 2014, when the founders of two companies, Alex Korolchuk and Salim Madjd, got acquainted at a famous Belarusian business startup hub Imaguru.

Salim was looking for a qualified team to develop a mobile app at a reasonable cost at that moment, while Alex and his team were the current winners of Imaguru hackathon. The developers appreciated the concept of AsthmaMD and were glad to help.

When the collaboration started, the first iOS version of the app was already released, and there was an urgent need in a well-optimized Android product.
Thanks to effective idea brainstorming and many, many sleepless nights of coding, the first stage of the project were implemented in three-months time. The following products were finished at that time:

  • A powerful server-side solution based on Google Engine (Go programming language)
  • iOS application (objective C)
  • Android app (java)

Go (also known as Golang) was a pretty new programming language at that time, but it proved to be really quick when it came to processing multiple parallel requests (in future articles we’ll tell you more about it and will even give some real-life examples of how it saved us and solved many problems Python couldn’t)

During the implementation of the first stage, OZiTAG mobile developers also integrated Flurry analytics, Apptentive review collector and Crashlytics crash control tools.

After that, the AsthmaMD app was released and we continued fixing bugs and gradually adding small features to the applications.

In September 2015, a decision was made to re-write some elements of the app for them to match the most advanced technological trends of that time.

The UI elements were also redrawn according to Google Material Design principles. At that time, in-app asthma treatment action plans were introduced and major bugs were fixed, which lead to the app’s rating increase.

In 2016, AsthmaMD web portal for doctors was launched. The app was #1 in the asthma control digital product in both Google Play and AppStore and was on a corporate promotion campaign in the United States. Parallel to that,  a new stage of application development was being planned.

The implementation of the new stage started in spring 2017. The portal for doctors was updated using React.js, D3.js and HTML5.

An important feature was introduced – it is now possible to create and edit Action plans directly at doctor portals. Action plans prescribed by doctors are now shown in the app for the patients they’re assigned to.

The Android version of the app was recreated using up-to-date technologies with MVP as the app’s main architecture, Realm as the general database, and RX as the main technology for background operations.
As a result of thorough development the following functions are now available for doctors and patients:

  • Log on the go: Easily log your asthma attacks wherever you go.
  • Asthma journal: Quickly review your past asthma data and notes.
  • Chart severity At-a-glance, graphical view of your PFM and severity.
  • No more paper-based action plans: Let AsthmaMD guide you through your action plan.
  • Send to physician: Easily and securely share your asthma record with your care team.
  • Customize medications and action plan: Easily add medications or your action plan.
  • Create customized alerts and reminders: Never miss a medications again with integrated reminders system.
  • Benefit Asthma Research: Anonymous, aggregate data will help correlate asthma with environmental factors, triggers and climate change.
  • App logs peak flow meter readings, and also tracks triggers, symptoms, medications and notes.


If you’d like to know how much it costs to build an app like this one, contact us and get a free project evaluation.

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