How Neurosonic participated at Orgatec exhibition and got clients from USA, UK, Europe, Asia, and Mexico

We told you about Neurosonic in the previous article. Now we’re glad to announce, that the project doesn’t stand still. Simo Pahkamaa, the CEO of Oy Neurosonic company, our client, and a good friend introduced Neurosonic IoT solution at Orgatec exhibition, which took place on 23-27 October 2018 in Cologne, Germany.

Quick intro: Neurosonic enables users to connect to the company’s products – chairs, mattresses, or sofas –  via Bluetooth and manage different user regimes with a mobile app. When laying/sitting on some of them, a person gets relaxation thanks to comfort, calm pleasant music, and vibrations, called by multiple micromotors.

These vibrations have a positive effect on human nerves and blood flow. They can also help relieve pain in the joints, back, and lumbar. Check out how we created the Neurosonic IoT solution!

The Orgatec is a large international trade fair for planning, design, and demonstration of various products for the office and CRE (commercial real estate) industries. This year, the event gathered 63,000 participants. The expo offers the opportunity to show products, establish business contacts, make deals.

A lot of work was done to prepare for the exhibition. In OZiTAG, we developed a new app version: implemented new features and a modern user-friendly design.
iot solution screens
Simo partnered with Loook Industries, a furniture design company. Together, they created a beautiful concept for the furniture items. We all wanted to make the project a great combination of design, convenience, and technology.

Last week, Simo was in Minsk. He came to our office to discuss project issues and gave an interview. By the way, he presented a large mattress to us and 4 tablets to test the app.)) I myself lied on it two times already and can say that you can relax for hours – it’s wonderful.)

Simo, what were your goals did for the exhibition?

The main one was to establish useful business connections that would help sell and promote the product. We put a lot of efforts to prepare for the exhibition: OZiTAG team built a new app version and Loook Industries created furniture items with a new design. I also needed to find out how the users would react to it.

What were the results? Did you manage to achieve them?

Yes, the plus is that the exhibition lasted 5 days, so there was time for users to check everything out and for companies – to demonstrate their products and establish connections.

I’m happy that we received plenty of pre-orders. I expected it, of course, but I couldn’t predict it would be so many of them. Our future customers whom we gained due to the Orgatec are from USA, UK, Europe, Asia, Ireland, Mexico, and it’s cool.

During 5 days users could test Neurosonic devices relaxing and enjoying the rest. All the feedback was great: 400 people tried the product and provided us with positive reviews.

Did you see some similar solutions at the expo?

No. There were interesting products but weren’t anything IoT-related.

How do you promote your service? How are you developing brand loyalty?

We have over 100 so-called treatment places in Finland – private rooms where everyone can come and use the devices. They help people reduce stress, have a rest, and better sleep after the relaxation.

Another important thing is to establish a direct connection with the client. We offer a personalized approach: connect to the those trying or purchasing the product and ask if they liked it or not, why. It helped us increase both sales and brand loyalty.

We also give the ability to try the product for free: a person makes an advance payment and then can use it for some time. Neurosonic delivers it at home/office and after a trial period, we return money if he/she is dissatisfied with the product.

My top priority is high service quality. We want to not just sell convenience and relaxation, we want to make it in the best way so that our users get the maximum value.

What are your long-term plans?

The first aim is to take out a license the technology. The second is to partner with other companies to create beautiful designs – both for homes and offices, and deliver our services. We started fulfilling them. For example, some time ago we partnered with a farming company: sometimes work is so hard and everyone in every business needs to reduce stress and relax.

What are you going to do next with the application?

After we release a new app version, we will monitor the user reaction. Then – add new features. There are many cool ideas, for instance, to integrate recommendations so that the app would tailor the regime according to the user needs or desires.

Here in OZiTAG, we have been working on this project from the very beginning. For today, the design solution’s – the result of Neurosonic and Loook Industries collaboration – rating is 9.7! Besides software development, we maintain the app infrastructure for device management, cloud backend, and utilities for factories.  

Contact us if you need help with IoT, web and mobile development. The Neurosonic case and client reviews are the main proofs that it’s comfortable to work with us.


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