How we created Neurosonic, an IoT solution for product management and relaxation

The Oy Neurosonic company started as a small startup in Finland. By now, it has extended their product and transformed into a profitable company that doesn’t have to rely on investments. Neurosonic is an IoT solution for relaxation, good sleep, and recovery. It also helps relieve pain in the joints, back, and lumbar.

Multiple micromotors, built into the mattress, call vibrations having a positive effect on human nerves and blood flow. The intensity level can be set by a user with a mobile app.

While the production is located in Finland, web and mobile development is on our side. Let’s get through the project history: you’ll know how we built the project, what functionality it has, how it was extended, and at what stage it is at the moment.

Project details

Project Type: Mobile, Web, IoT

Industry: Health, Wellness

The project goal: An application to connect and manage Neurosonic products via Bluetooth was totally outdated. Our top-priority goal was to redevelop it from scratch.

Project Duration: 2 years

Dev Team: 2 mobile developers (iOS and Android), 1 project manager, 1 QA engineer

A new interface is being created by our partners, a design studio 69pixels. For the next version, we’re going to involve a business analyst.


Backend: PHP Yii 2

Frontend: HTML5, JavaScript


  • iOS: Swift
  • Android: The first version was written in Java, then moved to Kotlin

Databases: Realm, MySql

Other: Bluetooth connection, the implementation of the own Kiosk mode for Android

How did the project start

Alex Korolchuk (the CEO of OZiTAG) and Simo Pahkamaa got to know each other long before the Neurosonic IoT solution development. They had been working on a mobile app for health activity tracking and workout guidance. Then Simo became the CEO of Neurosonic.

When he needed to rewrite a products’ controlling mobile application from scratch, he applied to us. It was our first task. Within a month, we created a simple version that was further extended.

Neurosonic IoT solution development & extension

With the company’s growth, new goals came and the project required to be scaled. The entire work can be divided into three important parts:

  • Applications began to be built not only for users but also for corporate customers. As a result, we needed to implement different functionality. The key function – device management via Bluetooth – was left the same.
  • A server infrastructure was added to enable customers to view statistics, manage subscriptions, promotional codes, and feature activations for specific devices.
  • Neurosonic began to actively cooperate with other companies and make joint projects. For instance, together with Ahrend company, they launched modules for having rest in offices. We also developed custom applications for such purposes.


Modular architecture

Neurosonic IoT solution was built on a modular architecture, which enabled us to significantly fasten the application build time.

Implementation of design ideas

One of our key objectives was to deliver an amazing user experience on both smartphones and tablets. For that, we created different layouts for them. Another task was to make all design ideas work as intended on any device. Almost all elements on the process screen are custom.

To ensure smooth animation of switching between different screens’ states, we implemented so-called lightweight fragments. We also made a custom circular-reveal animation on some app screens. Thanks to these actions, we provided smooth animation and screen vivacity on even outdated devices.

Product features

  • Product management via Bluetooth
  • Remote app feature activation
  • Custom interfaces for partner applications
  • Kiosk mode in an Android app
  • Interface change when connecting to special devices
  • Cool modern design – you can see it a new app version!
  • Support for mobile apps and tablets



Project results

We developed a complex IoT solution that received user positive feedback. From a simple idea, it transformed into a large product for both regular users and corporate customers.

We gained expertise in IoT development: Neurosonic products are connected via Bluetooth and the app allows their management. Now, we are maintaining the product and developing its new version.

If you want to learn more about our featured projects, check out our portfolio! In case you have an idea of yours, contact us and receive a consultation for free!

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