New generation of OZiTAG merch is here!

As the wet hot Belarusian summer approaches its peak, everyone’s out on the streets, trying to stand out from the crowd with all sorts of summer clothes. Just the right time to upgrade our corporate merchandise collection, then!

Before this year, when OZiTAG was a very small company, all we had for merch were just plain black t-shirts with the company’s logo on them. Simple and durable, but they’ve already served their sentence.

We now have 25 professionals on our web and mobile development team and several loyal clients would also appreciate something to always remember us and to promote our services worldwide. That’s why we decided to get some professional designers involved this time and create something really special for our team and partners. Here are some of the basic ideas we wanted to implement:

  • We obviously wanted our logo featured in the design in some way.
  • Despite being a B2B company, we use a very informal approach in communication with partners and customers, so we were not opposed to creating something fun.
  • One of our core values is our national identity. As opposed to many other outsourcing companies, we don’t hide the fact that we work in Belarus, in Eastern Europe. This country is full of talented people and we aim to embrace it. One of core visual trends when it comes to t-shirt design in Belarus is a national pattern called Vyshivanka. It looks like this:


We also wanted this sort of pattern to be implemented on our corporate t-shirts.

  • As far as other design concepts are concerned, we also like simplistic material tech stuff, like the new merch line by MKBHD:

The person in charge of creating the t-shirt design was Mittal Rao from India, a designer we found on Fiverr. Here are the designs she created:


We also asked our new in-house UI/UX Designer Anastasiya Belko to make an alternative, more minimalistic option. Here’s her design, which turned out to be the most popular among our developers:

OZiTAG T-shirt 3

Anastasiya also created an awesome design for our new corporate cups, here it is:


A couple of weeks in production – and there we go! Each member of OZiTAG team (and also some of our partners) now has a brand-new authentic OZiTAG T-shirt. If you’ve ever worked or will work with us – you’ll probably get some, too! Join the club! We make IT right!


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