OZiTAG & 69pixels announce their further collaboration: The founders explain their vision of the future

For nigh on three years, we have been successfully delivering mobile and web solutions to our customers. Under one roof, we’ve united experienced specialists in different spheres – programmers, business analysts, QA engineers, project managers – constant winners in hackathons and Olympiads.

Being a young but an ambitious company and seeing many talents around us, we strongly believe in Belarus as a global leader in providing IT services.

As more and more projects are coming to us today, we are happy to announce that our cooperation with 69pixels, a software design studio, has been inspired with new life due to the start of several large projects!

On the occasion of such a cool event, we’ve prepared an interview with the founders of OZiTAG Alexander Korolchuk and Vital Ozierski and the founders of 69pixels Alex Bavdey and Ilya Hets.

How did the mutual cooperation start? Why did you decide to start working with them?

Alexander: About a year and a half we met Ilya Hets and Alex Bavdey. They’d just opened a design studio and applied to us with the offer to start working together on website development for one of the largest companies in the country.

We were impressed by their approach to both design and business as the guys make really good works for sites, mobile applications, and comprehensive web systems. At the same time, we are great at the web and mobile development.)

Ilya: We are a design company that consists of designers only – all the development work goes to our partners. When we met OZiTAG, we were looking for such a partner, and the key thing was to find the company, not freelancers or an individual enterprise as selling quality expensive design while having the bad code is not about us.

We came across OZiTAG team thanks to word of mouth. Several guys recommended them which significantly simplified the search: when a few unrelated companies strongly advised working with OZiTAG – there is no doubt about their professionalism.


What projects did you work on?

Vital: We built various projects, including landing pages, enterprise websites, and large web applications. For example, together we created catching landing pages for Wargaming, a world’s famous game development company. Also, we were and are working now on some joint initiatives.

Alex: We were working on projects of different kinds, from landing pages to AR-based applications. Every time we were pleasantly surprised by the speed, quality, and expertise level of the OZiTAG team. It is very easy to find mutual understanding and lead projects quickly and on time.

How the design and development teams interact with each other?

Vital: The processes are established well: everyone knows his or her tasks and projects goals. 69pixels are responsible for the communication with customers so that we receive already processed quality requirements and can focus on the development from the very beginning.

Alex: A pleasant bonus was that we are running projects in the same system, which significantly helped our processes. There was no need to adjust to each other and make a lot of efforts to build the working process.

What important things can you highlight during the cooperation?

Vital: The guys focus on each small thing and make the whole design work really great. I like their attention to details and a modern look at the design.

  Alex: One of the important points I’d like to note that any design idea, point, or feature is always implemented, with not breaking down about laziness or unwillingness to spend extra time (as often happens).


What do you think about your partners? What do you like in the joint work most, what don’t?

Alexander: A creative director Alexey and his team make truly remarkable works. Not least important their way to present their work to the client – we’ve learned a lot from them.

They are distinguished by an entrepreneurial free spirit and a clear approach to doing business. I’d like to mention Ilya as a powerful salesman of ideas.

Thanks to his expertise, we’ve managed to attract several large clients – leaders on the market. The work with 69pixels is both fun and successful business.

Ilya: The plus is that we can give them any technical task, whether it is web or mobile development, or machine learning, or something else – and not to worry about the timing and quality.

I enjoy flexibility, both in simple everyday life and business matters. Times can be different, but somehow we find compromises, we hedge and adjust to each other. Quality – so far everything is great. I like that we look in one direction and someday we will conquer the world.)

What are you working on now?

Alexander, Ilya: At the moment, we are developing a loyalty program for one of the leading retailers in Belarus. Yet today, we are preparing commercial offers for some of our regular customers, related to updating and improving the design of their products. Also, we have some projects at the stage of price and timing negotiation.

What’s your vision of the future plans?

Alexander: Hereafter, we’re going to continue our mutual collaboration, reflected in the joint work on complex software solutions for different business industries. Hope, it’s only the beginning of our partnership and we’ll be developing various projects as well as improve ourselves working together and getting mutual satisfaction from the result.

Ilya: We haven’t discussed far-reaching plans but we have a great desire to become a part-product company, I think the guys will support us in it. But first we will conquer the local market, I don’t see any obstacles for this. Competence, service, experience, understanding of business industrial needs – we have everything to achieve this goal.

Alexander: As our company is developing and more and more projects are coming to us, we’re especially glad about finding a good partner to share responsibilities with. When everyone knows his job, takes care of the result, and all the processes are established well, the chances to build a successful product and find the best way to solve customer challenges increase.


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