5 Trending tech news in September 2017 and the lessons every business should learn from them

Amazon’s spends over $13 billion to acquire Whole Foods

A huge deal between Amazon and a large American grocery chain Whole Foods is finally closed, the final price is $13.7 billion.

The results of the acquisition were seen all across the country this month – Amazon immediately decreased the price of many popular groceries across all the Whole Foods outlets.

And the development doesn’t stop there – it was noted that Amazon Prime services will soon be integrated into a Whole Foods point-of-sale system, allowing Prime members to receive perks and extra discounts in said stores.

What effect will it have on Amazon brand establishment and revenues? Time will tell.

A lesson to learn

Digital businesses spread offline now, and classic companies aim online more and more these days.

Perhaps, soon the borders between the two worlds will merge completely, and those, who utilize the online-offline synergy quicker and more efficiently, will be the market leaders of tomorrow. So don’t hesitate to diverge!

Want to bring your business online? Let us know, we’ll help you!

Apple’s September event: TV, Watch, and, of course, new iPhones

Each of the Apple’s presentation events becomes a huge driver for hype, discussions, and jokes, and this year was no different.

For the first time, press representatives were invited to the new futuristic Steve Jobs Theater – a truly marvelous building.

Apple announced three new smartphones, a new Apple Watch, and a new Apple TV. The hero of the event was, quite predictably, iPhone X.

Like its main rivals, the device has gone for an edge-to-edge display without the home button, facial recognition to unlock, wireless charging and new camera functions.

There was some controversy around the new devices, though, especially considering the gap between the releases of regular and “cool” models as well as increased prices.

Oh, and the AR emojis with animations are probably too creepy to be shown on stage by Apple’s CEO.

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