The OZi-boss or who is behind the ship's berth

Hi, there!

Today we will introduce you to our CEO and founder of OZITAG Vital Ozierski.

We learned from him interesting questions about the company, and also asked him to give advice to novice programmers!

  • How did the idea to make something of your own come about?

When you work alone and don't have time to cope with the flow of people who want to work with you and you don't know how to refuse, then everything gradually turns into mass production. Therefore, I had no the idea as such, I just stopped coping one, had to look for assistants, and then everything gradually turned into a company. 

  • How did it all start?

It all started quite a long time ago, with the usual small freelance orders for 100$ , which had to be done day and night. Gradually, a customer base was formed, on the basis of which it turned out to start.

  • What is important for a CEO for the company to develop and grow?

The most important thing is a team. Not just a word, but the team that will support you, believe in a common cause, suggest and turn ideas. The team that will be able to realize the company's interests aimed at achieving success in the market, while realizing its own interest.

And without this, there is no way!

  • What is your favorite project, or a case from practice, as it was?

My favorite project is, because I managed to stand at its origins, personally make the first version and over the past 5 years to redo it from scratch several times, I still actively personally take part in its development, as well as support and daily improvement of the functionality. The second project that I can remember is a database of medicines and pharmacies throughout Russia. It is interesting that after hurrying we evaluated the project as an ordinary website and as a result more than 10 microservices were developed using different technologies and years of development, the project still exists successfully, but, unfortunately, the customer still thinks that he has a standard website on Bitrix. We don't make such gifts anymore :) 

I am very grateful to United Traders for a large number of years spent in close cooperation, my first serious commercial experience began with it. 

They took me as a junior developer many years ago and gave me a full carte-blanche to develop a social network for traders alone, so I gained invaluable experience in developing complex solutions from scratch. And I didn't learn from other's mistakes , like many people, I learned from my own mistakes.

  • What would you like to advise a person who has decided to come to you for a web application? 

It is necessary to understand that a web application is not a serial product that you buy in a store. You need a unique web application that needs regular technical support for stable operation. Therefore, I can advise that if you decide to create a unique IT solution for yourself, then will be ready to pay for its support and development.

  • What would you like to advise a person who has decided to become a programmer?

You don't need to read what they write about programmers on forums, but to communicate with real practicing programmers about what it's like to work in this field. Also, it is better not to delay and start as early as possible, plus get a higher education in the IT specialty, even though you will not get practically important knowledge there.

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