What’s worth your attention when hiring app developers?

It goes without saying that with the help of an app your business will not pull up the rear in the market. Indeed, a successful application is a real bonanza for modern entrepreneurs.

Having a clear concept of your app does not end here.The application can be a feather in your cap only if it is in safekeeping of the neat-handed developers.

For this reason, hiring an app developer is a crucial point in your marketing strategy. In case you don’t make a special consideration on the applicant selection, this may result in undesirable solutions for your business. Thus, if you aren’t up for running into such issue, consider some tips for hiring listed on IDAP blog.

In fact, employing is a step-by-step process each stage of which requires a high focus.

Snap formula for app developers’ hiring:

  • Thorough understanding of the basics
  • Digging  for experience
  • Face-to-face contact

Know your app inside out

Before taking on a developers’ team, define a target audience for your application. By the same token, specialize who these people are, and which devices they use more.

With a clear understanding of your customer preferences, you will find out which platforms and programming languages are indispensable for your app.

Your preliminary applicant search may start by using a ‘Programming languages’ keyword on Indeed, LinkedIn, and Upwork. Researching such forums and communities as Topcoder, NewAppIdea or Koding won’t also go amiss.

Experience as a gold dust

Generally speaking, the usability of your app hinges on the professional manner of your developers’ team. Thus, when hiring a candidate, maintain a high profile on his/her experience of performing tasks on the same platform as your app has.

Also, pay heed to readiness for adapting to the compelling need of your business. Still, a developer doesn’t have to be a know-it-all specialist. He/she should be fluent in technical skills and ready to show portfolio or samples of code.


When trying to find a developer, you may run into the issue that there is a legion of prospective hires. But none of them seems to be consistent with your expectations.

In such case, it is better to check developer’s skills in a real-case scenario. For this purpose, ask a candidate for an access to his/her sample applications on Github.

There you will be able to check up the quality of the project and decide whether his/her developing style corresponds your views for an app.

Designers’ communities

When looking through the samples, focus on the type of the app UI/UX they created. The customer engagement of the app does not depend on its functionality only.

The app design is a crucial element which you should never neglect. In fact, a developers’ team has to make your app interactive and easy for customers. At the same time, a designers’ team makes it nice-looking that catches user’s eyes right off the bat.

You can have a closer look at designers’ artworks on popular networking platforms. Such communities as Dribbble and Behance are in requisition among talented UI/UX developers.

Dig into the project your candidate provides and study his/her creative input. Ponder over a question whether a designer’s creative strategy matches with your concept of the app or not.

Getting along

Technical skills without smooth communication is a lost case for your application. Indeed, only a face-to-face contact can assure you that a developer has picked up the idea of the app.

Give an applicant a detailed overview of the app and describe all requirements. Don’t forget to specify all your goals behind the concept and determine a core audience. Another critical point is the app features.

Allocate much time to describe every feature in your app, explain how one relates to the other. Make sure to point out those core features that should be executed in the initial version.

In fact, getting developer’s feedback and suggestions will help you refine the idea of your app.

When the cooperation is established, there is a need to set up your daily communication channel. Agree upon a day and a time to organize meetings. Also, make frequent calls to receive work progress reports.

After all, it is essential to take notice of developer’s confluence with the team. Help him blend into the crew by getting him acquainted with the company culture. The reactions you receive will disclose his developer’s personality. The more you collaborate with the developer, the better response, and the results you get.

Hiring a developer isn’t a laughing matter. It requires not only specific attention but also specific actions. Thus, if you commit, you will find a brainy and talented specialist at the touch of a button.

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