Web Platform for the First On-Demand Cleaning Services in Belarus 

Solution: Website for booking one-time and regular housekeeping services

Industry: On-demand cleaning services

Technologies: PHP, Yii2, REST API, MySQL, Redis, React.js, Next.js, Docker, Gitlab CI

Methodologies: Agile

Project Duration: Ongoing since 2016

Project Team: 1 Designer, 1 PM, 2 Backend developers, 1 Frontend developer, 1 QA 


Co-founded by 3 young entrepreneurs in 2016, GetClean was the first platform in Belarus to offer home cleaning services online. The company determined an ever-emerging demand - ordering professional house cleaning with a click of a button at an affordable price. 

GetClean needed a website that would attract potential clients to a new offering, convincing them with automated booking processes and a hassle-free interaction between a client and the company’s specialists. They tasked OZiTAG to develop a web application that would help the company establish itself as the market leader, gain brand awareness, and win a competitive advantage before other players start launching similar products.     

In 2016, OZiTAG built an online portal from scratch, using a combination of PHP, MySQL, and jQuery as the most up-to-date and functional tools at that time. Since then, we have been upgrading the platform, redoing parts of the solution’s architecture, and adding new functionality, to expand GetClean’s customer base, grow sales, and multiply revenues.

Solution: Description and Key Capabilities

OZiTAG delivered an Uber-like web solution for home cleaning services, featuring an aesthetic and minimalist interface for placing orders, a convenient admin panel for interacting with clients and processing their requests, and a robust backend that automates traditionally manual processes, like collecting information, calculating the cost of services, confirming the date when they will be provided, and addressing emerging questions in a timely manner. 

- Focus on customer-centricity. To make the system easy to use and optimize the website’s conversion rates, our team crafted an intuitive user interface. After a user sets up a personal account, he/she can place orders, get access to order history, and leave reviews. 

As lead generation and conversion rate optimization (CRO) were the key KPIs of the web project, we aimed at building a fully responsive website that would process operations in a transparent manner. Our team implemented an interactive online calculator, which applies custom-built algorithms for instantly calculating cleaning service costs. Also, we added a calendar and an online booking form, synchronized with email services and messengers. As a result, customers place an order with a single click and receive automatic notifications once it is done.

To diversify the offering and build a loyal customer base, we worked on built-in functionality, allowing clients to choose one-time home cleaning services or a subscription for a home cleaning plan.

In 2020, we made a major upgrade of the system with a combination of React.js and Next.js, to speed up the website and improve the system’s performance.

- High-standard customer service. The web app features a powerful control panel, based on the PHP Yii2 framework and integrated into a CRM system. This allows the solution to synchronize placed orders and mailing lists, send notifications, and generate automatic confirmations. 

- Testing the solution’s reliability. To ensure that the system runs bug-free under any load and presents a high-quality product, we covered each development stage with tests, including A/B testing. 

- Quickly responding to market changes. To cut costs and release faster, we built the solution’s architecture with DevOps best practices in mind. We have been leveraging Gitlab and Docker to ensure continuous integration, frequent system updates, and end-to-end automated testing.  

Development Approach

Right from the start, our team demonstrated end-to-end involvement in the project: we carefully studied business aspects of the future solution, helped prepare technical documentation in line with the client’s expectations from the product, and delivered thorough consultation services from UX/UI design to development and project’s update. 

To accommodate the project’s complexity and reduce time to market, our team went with the Agile methodology. The tried-and-true approach provided transparency into the process and allowed the team to deliver value with each iteration.  


The delivered solution allowed the client to drive change in the market of cleaning services in the country. After the project’s successful launch, other companies started building look-alike products to gain a share of the market. However, a high level of the delivered cleaning services, backed up by a convenient and secure web application, helps GetClean remain the number 1 cleaning services platform in the country.

To ensure its position as the market leader, Get Clean continues its partnership with OZiTAG team. The platform is an ever-growing and developing project, which we improve with new features and tools, for example, an English version of the website, launched in 2020, or a mobile app, which is still under development. 

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