eCommerce website for a Top Organic Brand 

Solution: Website

Industry: eCommerce

Technologies: React.JS, Next.JS, Laravel, Redis, MySQL, Vue.JS

Methodologies: Agile

Project Duration

Project Team: 1 Designer, 1 PM, 2 Back-end developers, 1 Frontend developer, 1 QA 


Our client, Letique, is one of the leading international natural and organic skincare brands. In 2019, the company decided to target the Belarusian market, characterized by low competition and a lack of highly-functional and aesthetic eCommerce websites in the cosmetic niche. 

To stand out from the competition and win potential customers, the client wanted to build a web solution, featuring a clean design, intuitive ordering process, and hassle-free checkout.

The online store would fulfill three core development objectives: 

  • Craft an eCommerce platform, that would be easy-to-use and easy-to-manage.
  • Create UX/UI design in line with the brand guidelines.
  • Ensure seamless integration with a payment gateway and shipping services.

Impressed by OZiTAG’s expertise in eCommerce development services, the company engaged our team into the project.  

Solution: Description and Key Capabilities

At the project inception stage, OZiTAG specialists performed a thorough technology evaluation to choose the most suitable tech stack for the future B2C commerce platform. We collected detailed requirements and business objectives from the client and, after their analysis, our engineers recommended a combination of React.js and Vue.js tools. This tech stack would allow us to deliver a quick website, with fast page-load response time and high-performing client-side executions.

Besides, the Vue.js framework provides automatic tracking of the component’s dependencies during rendering. The system gets updated automatically, which spares extra work hours, and helps keeps the costs down. 

Our team also suggested using the MySQL database. The database enables scaling up or down on demand. In practice, it processes the needed volume of concurrent queries and transactions while ensuring optimum speed even during shopping peaks, such as Black Friday campaigns and special promotions. Also, transactions work as a single unit: unless the entire payment process is completed, the money is not withdrawn. This allows the platform to ensure worry-free online payments for customers. 

To reduce development costs and accelerate the client’s time-to-market, we used Laravel for the back-end architecture. The framework comes with a large set of ready-to-use modules, which allowed our engineers to integrate the required functionality in a cost-effective way. 

The final B2C platform fully covers customers’ needs with the following features:

  • An online catalog with integrated product search, product descriptions, and images.
  • An order and delivery management system.
  • ?Integration with an inventory management system/ Rule-based chatbot...


OZiTAG delivered a powerful B2C eCommerce platform, which features a full set of tools to confirm and process orders, accept payments, manage delivery details, and track sales. 

After its launch, the web platform has been playing a significant role in extending the brand’s customer reach and retaining its service level.   

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