Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) for Fleet Owners 

Solution: Website and mobile app

Industry: IT services 

Technologies: PHP, PostgreSQL, Laravel, Redis, Docker, React.JS, Gatsby.JS

Methodologies: Agile

Project Duration: Ongoing, since August 2019

Project Team: 1 Designer, 1 PM, 2 Back-end developers, 1 Frontend developer, 1 QA 


Whip Around is a New Zealand-based company with offices in the USA. It specializes in fleet inspection and maintenance IT services. Since 2016, the company collaborates with the globe’s largest freight companies, including Magnum Development, Integrated Medical Transport, and Republic Parking, with the mission to streamline vehicle inspections, digitize compliance checklists, and optimize preventive maintenance.

To carry out this mission, the customer introduced fleet inspection and maintenance software to help companies monitor their fleet performance and track preventive maintenance inspections. The solution is a multi-platform application, comprising a website and a mobile app. 

Over the time, the application got outdated and needed code refactoring and additional up-to-date modules, to stay competitive on the market. Also, it was critical to integrate the system with fleet inspection related services. 

To hit the outlined goals, Whip Around decided to partner with an experienced IT outsourcing provider, who could uplift the app’s functionality, as well as suggest and implement performance and security improvements. Whip Around turned to OZiTAG, based on our experience in complex BI and data management solutions and a portfolio of successful upgrade projects.  

Solution: Description and Key Capabilities

At the start of the project, OZiTAG’s team analyzed the solution’s legacy code and business logic and suggested feasible improvements. We proposed using React.js for fast and interactive user interfaces that display dynamic data. Our engineers did the solution’s architecture redesign, reworked user interfaces, and ensured their consistency across different devices and browsers. 

The client wanted to introduce a “Maintenance” module to simplify fleet maintenance processes. We delivered a feature-rich solution that ensures:

  • Mileage tracking. We implemented a high-accuracy optical character recognition (OCR) add-on that captures and converts data, such as records mileage and engine hours, into a computer code, processes, and stores it.
  • Service scheduling. The software allows users to schedule preventive maintenance (PMs), track and assign work orders (WOs), put in place paperless reports, and simplify short- and long-term asset management and maintenance planning.
  • Advanced reporting functionality. To visualize maintenance data, we delivered a report widget, featuring easy access to mileage, maintenance and cost history data, filtering, and comprehensive dashboards.

OZiTAG accomplished smooth integration with fleet monitoring and tracking services.

  • RTA, to ensure automatic transfer of vehicle mileage and fault data, trigger maintenance reminders, and service requests. The service keeps both managers and drivers aware of the state of a vehicle and allows them to report problems and generate WOs on the fly.
  • Geotab, to log faults, engine hours, odometer, and driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIRs) directly in the maintenance system, trigger alerts, and provide a 360-degree view of fleet performance.


The solution has enabled the client to offer optimized CMMS services to their clients and keep up with the increasing demands of fleet managers around the globe. Now the software ensures easy access to all the critical information, cuts operating expenses with paperless vehicle inspection reports, empowers automatic data transfer and alerts, and keeps fleet managers and drivers informed on vehicle performance. 

The project continues with the main emphasis on ensuring high performance and fault tolerance. OZiTAG provides technical support and troubleshoots technology-related issues.

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