The foundation of OZiTAG, a custom web development company

We are delighted to announce the foundation of OZiTAG, a custom web development agency, located in Minsk, Belarus. Alex Korolchuk, CEO at BLAKIT and Artem Korolchuk, Co-founder and Head of Mobile, decided to move away from IT outsourcing and focus on creating their own products. 

Vital Ozierski, formerly Co-founder and Head of Web at BLAKIT, became the owner of OZiTAG. The company specializes in delivering web solutions for enterprises.

“BLAKIT has been successfully providing software development services since 2015. Together with Artem and Vital, we created a division of passionate specialists: engineers, testers, project managers, business analysts. However, time goes and now we aim to build our own digital products while continuing the cooperation with some of our clients. 

At the moment, we are working on the new version of My Coach, a fitness app with over 1,000,000 of installs. We also have a lot of ideas for future applications and cannot wait to implement them.” —Alex Korolchuk. 

To found OZiTAG, the team decided to make rebranding of the existing brand assets that include the BLAKIT’s website, social media pages, and profiles on various sources. We believe it was a good idea as OZiTAG is a new company with a different concept. 

“What differentiates OZiTAG from others — we are involved exclusively in web development. We provide the team of middle and senior web engineers who are able to solve difficult web tasks. All other services are made on the other side. For instance, when needed, we engage our partners—69pixels—to build beautiful UI/UX designs.” —Vital Ozierski.

With a 9-year experience in web development, negotiations, and project coordination, Vital Ozierski engaged aspiring professionals who produce all sorts of web projects. They include CRM, ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems, document management software, business process automation software, loyalty programs, functional websites, progressive web apps, social networks, data visualization/analytics solutions, and more. 

“Our goal is to deliver custom software that helps businesses solve their industry-specific challenges, increase the conversion rate, and boost the company’s performance. We also offer our partners and colleagues assistance in software engineering. I’m happy to bring my own unique look and expertise to our customers’ projects.” Vital Ozierski. 

“It’s excellent news that Vital decided to found his own web development agency. He is a great professional and an extremely reliable person,” said Alex Korolchuk.



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The foundation of OZiTAG, a custom web development company

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