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If you want to build a high-performance app that runs smoothly on any device and doesn’t cost you a fortune, OZiTAG will help you with our cross-platform application development services. Experts in the React Native framework, we ensure consistent functionality and responsiveness between iOS and Android versions and help companies hold down costs with a single codebase, native UI/UX design for each OS, and QA tests running on every build.

We Build Custom Cross-Platform Apps

At OZiTAG, we pull together React Native and UI/UX top developers to cover both the backend and frontend needs of mobile app development. Our engineers use the React Native toolkit to produce iOS and Android mobile apps with a shared JavaScript codebase, while our frontend experts create native user interfaces for each platform. Additionally, we equip our cross-platform applications with advanced dashboards, robust analytics panels, and multiple integrations with third-party APIs and modules.

React Native App Development Services

  • React Native mobile apps development.From ideation to implementation and launch, we offer full-cycle development services and build scalable cross-platform mobile apps tailored to your business needs. We write the core of an app in JavaScript, integrate ready-to-use native components and APIs, and develop custom elements from scratch.
  • Migrating to React Native.Whether you are fighting against vendor lock-in, imperfect app performance, or high maintenance costs, our cross-platform mobile development expertise will help you with migration to React Native and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO), optimize maintenance budget, and sustain your competitive edge in business. We will make the migration process totally predictable and disciplined, without losing data or disrupting business processes.
  • Design for React Native apps. Our UI/UX designers have a deep understanding of platform-specific constraints and guidelines, such as Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines and Google’s Material Design, and will adapt an app’s UI to the given platform’s needs, including complex apps with rich graphics.
  • React Native consulting.We are ready to assess your current situation, frame the main technological challenges, and provide potential solutions. Together with our client and key stakeholders, we define business objectives, deliver a clear implementation roadmap, and set up deadlines for achieving measurable business results.

Benefits of React Native Cross-platform Development

  • Fast time-to-market.WWith React Native, our engineers accelerate development processes by focusing on building a single mobile app instead of separate applications for each platform, share up to 95% of its code across different operating systems, and make timely platform-specific adjustments.
  • Low development costs.As React Native apps demand fewer resources and time, they present a cost-efficient way to optimize our clients’ budgets without sacrificing the app’s quality. On top of that, OZiTAG developers possess expertise in Swift, Objective-C, and Kotlin, so you won’t have to hire additional iOS and Android teams in case of possible challenges involving native hardware.
  • Easy maintenance.Once your cross-platform app goes live, you can always rely on our help in its continuous maintenance and support. The modular architecture of the React Native framework allows our engineers to quickly upgrade your application and add extra features, when an OS is updated or a new device is released.
  • Great user experience.With a selection of native UI components featured by React Native, our experts know how to make cross-platform apps look and feel like native products regardless of where they are installed and on what platform they are running.

Why Choose OZiTAG?

  • Multi-year expertise.From single page websites to complex E-Commerce systems, we have expertise for a project of any size and complexity, targeting any industry sector and pursuing the most ambitious business objectives.
  • Cost efficiency.When it comes to selecting a technology stack, we always search for the most resource-efficient solution for our client, to keep your project on time, on track, and on budget.
  • Well-established predictable processes.We align project management best practices with our own experience to ensure that our client has a clear vision of the development cycle and has access to every stage of the product development lifecycle. Together we choose the most efficient communication channels, reporting tools, and feedback sessions.
  • Result-oriented approach.For every project, no matter the size, complexity, or duration, we provide tailored technology consulting services, define the client’s requirements, assess the underlying needs of potential users, and only then move forward to wireframing and prototyping.
  • Lifetime software warranty.We correct any defect in our solution, no matter when it is detected, without any additional fee, unless the delivered source code has been assessed or modified by a third-party developer.
Our customers

We work with aspiring startups, middle-sized companies, and large corporations with a turnover of billions of dollars.
Getting deep in the project goals and caring about the final result, we deliver solutions that meet your needs


A Swedish multinational manufacturing company headquartered in Gothenburg.


Successful startup that engages in development of artificial intelligence technologies, computer vision and mobile apps that transmit real-time video streams with augmented reality.

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№1 housekeeping service platform in Belarus.

Whip Around

A New Zealand-based startup which has developed Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) for fleet owners all over the world

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Rosbank is included in the list of 11 systemically important credit organizations by the Bank of Russia.

United Traders

Investment company that received the award “Best Hedge Fund”, “A company with the best training system in the stock market”. The company serves 52 countries.


Wargaming is one of the leaders on the free-to-play MMO market. Over 18 years, the industry has released more than 15 games for completely different platforms.


ML-based dental photography web solution which became one-of-a-kind in France

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