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Talk to our E-Commerce experts - and together, we will find out how to take the market by storm!

OZiTAG helps online retail businesses improve their bottom line and grow their presence across all channels through device-agnostic customer-centric interfaces and automated business operations. We provide our clients with full control over their E-Commerce processes to gain valuable insights, win conversions and achieve business targets.

OZiTAG Delivers Custom E-Commerce Solutions

  • Online stores. We design online stores, coupon and dropshipping websites, equipped with multiple shipping methods, up-sell opportunities, and advanced sales reports.
  • Marketplaces.With hands-on experience in delivering B2C platforms for an unlimited number of sellers and their clients, we ensure our products’ extreme scalability and advanced user management features, to handle product description, order processing, site commission, and beyond.
  • Trade portals.OZiTAG delivers B2B portals, which unite suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and exporters into a searchable online directory, with a detailed view of each user, and help support collaborative business processes, promote global trade, and grow their business exponentially.
  • Shopping carts.Our specialists provide PCI-DSS compliant shopping cart solutions, with SSL-encrypted payment systems, real-time validation, automated billing, and self-checkout capabilities.
  • mCommerce apps.Our experts assist E-Commerce businesses in extending their online presence with a cross-platform app, supporting product search on-the-go, simple order placement, and one-step checkout processes.

Increase the Revenue by Providing Customized E-Commerce Experience

  • Custom business logic.OZiTAG team comes up with personalized settings to serve target customers as per their language, currency, time, and bring an eCommerce solution in tune with the preferences of users and the objectives of our clients.
  • SEO-friendly website & Google Page Speed optimization. Our solutions come with built-in SEO tools to create perfect URLs, manage metadata, index and authenticate with Google, integrate with social media accounts, and build optimized link profiles, to improve search traffic to an E-Commerce website.
  • Smooth website navigation.At OZiTAG, we believe that conversion-oriented E-Commerce products must feature simplified navigation with quick response time, advanced search, and filtering options.
  • Checkout optimization.We focus on a personalized checkout process, adding features for shipping options, multi-currency payments, loyalty rewards, custom payment methods, and invoicing tools.
  • Custom UI themes.We ensure consistent browsing experience on any device and make an E-Commerce solution look and feel in line with business expectations.
  • On-site personalization.Our solutions ensure cross-channel collection and real-time availability of customer data and help place the received information about purchase behavior at the heart of marketing efforts and personalized content delivery.
  • Content management & admin dashboards.We build advanced dashboards and custom product information management (PIM) tools to assist our clients with hassle-free product categorization and cataloging.
  • Loyalty and retention tools. OZiTAG team equips businesses with custom loyalty solutions, including membership, rewards and redemption program management, partner relationship management (PRM) solutions, loyalty analytics, and personalized messaging.
  • High page loading.We strip out unnecessary, resource-hogging functionality to ensure quick loading time and smooth functioning, backed up by React.js based frontend development best practices.
  • Increased performance & scalability.OZiTAG’s cloud-based E-Commerce architecture scales up and down depending on real-time demand, capable of handling any load, including peak-traffic events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
  • Pay once, own forever.A custom solution helps avoid monthly and yearly recurring payments, granting our clients full ownership rights of the final product and its design.

Why Choose OZiTAG?

  • Multi-year expertise.From single page websites to complex E-Commerce systems, we have expertise for a project of any size and complexity, targeting any industry sector and pursuing the most ambitious business objectives.
  • Cost efficiency.When it comes to selecting a technology stack, we always search for the most resource-efficient solution for our client, to keep your project on time, on track, and on budget.
  • Well-established predictable processes.We align project management best practices with our own experience to ensure that our client has a clear vision of the development cycle and has access to every stage of the product development lifecycle. Together we choose the most efficient communication channels, reporting tools, and feedback sessions.
  • Result-oriented approach.For every project, no matter the size, complexity, or duration, we provide tailored technology consulting services, define the client’s requirements, assess the underlying needs of potential users, and only then move forward to wireframing and prototyping.
  • Lifetime software warranty.We correct any defect in our solution, no matter when it is detected, without any additional fee, unless the delivered source code has been assessed or modified by a third-party developer.
Our customers

We work with aspiring startups, middle-sized companies, and large corporations with a turnover of billions of dollars.

Period:Period: 2018

A Swedish multinational manufacturing company headquartered in Gothenburg.


Successful startup that engages in development of artificial intelligence technologies, computer vision and mobile apps that transmit real-time video streams with augmented reality.

Period:Period: 2016-now

№1 housekeeping service platform in Belarus.

Period:Period: 2019-now
Whip Around

A New Zealand-based startup which has developed Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) for fleet owners all over the world

Period:Period: 2017-2019

Rosbank is included in the list of 11 systemically important credit organizations by the Bank of Russia.

Period:Period: 2014-now
United Traders

Investment company that received the award “Best Hedge Fund”, “A company with the best training system in the stock market”. The company serves 52 countries.

Period:Period: 2017

Wargaming is one of the leaders on the free-to-play MMO market. Over 18 years, the industry has released more than 15 games for completely different platforms.

Period:Period: 2019

ML-based dental photography web solution which became one-of-a-kind in France

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