5 things that help us build MVP within 1 week

Why should have tons of documentation for MVP? We focus on writing code, not text

A long technical specification is great but you won’t need it in MVP development. It won’t be published in the app stores or seen by large audiences. To specify the main requirements and expected results is the key to success.

No code magic. Now it’s just much simpler to build the product than ever before

We’re good at delivering quality software solutions. That’s the main reason why we can build MVP within 7 days. But there are more things that help automate software development. See them below!

Market-ready solutions

Large companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, ready solutions available on the market, and open-source code have done huge work. We just need to combine different pieces in the end product. Today programmers don’t have to write 100500 code lines to add some feature - in most cases, a few is enough.

Up-to-date technologies

Cutting-edge technologies streamline and facilitate software development. Kotlin, Swift, React.js, React Native, Rx, AWS, Angular, and others help us build quality products faster. Keeping pace with programming trends and tech innovations, we use them for all project types.

// Listen for metadata changes to the document.

val docRef = db.collection(“cities”).document(“SF”)

dockef .addSnapshotListener (MetadataChanges. INCLUDE) { snapshot, e ->

// …


Experience and practices

We’ve built plenty of software solutions. And we can say that 80% of tasks in different projects are the same. So, we don’t have to invent the wheel every time and always write the code from scratch. User authorization, chats, maps, Bluetooth-connectivity - all such integrations can be reused with little modification. The speed is the result.

Does your MVP really need the coolest design in the world?

In most cases, MVP doesn’t need design-design. What’s more, the design created with the help of standard or ready-market libraries can be no less beautiful than the custom. Take a look at a few examples on the page!

MVP development process is iterative and you can directly participate in it

Your participation in the project is the best way to quickly build a product that meets your needs and looks like you want. We send you intermediary results and implement changes along the way.

We sell you the solution, not development hours

We are a team of professionals and we take care of our clients. Quality and long-term partnership are our primary values. We enjoy helping our customers reach success, boost sales, and transform their projects into large profitable companies.

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Why choose MVP Startup Development

We set up an effective MVP development process which will allow you to:

  • receive a working solution within a week
  • get the first results on the 3rd day
  • reduce software development costs
  • test the product in action and check its concept
  • understand user/business needs and tailor the product to them

So, by choosing MVP startup development you won’t:

  • spend a lot of time and money on the development
  • face multiple bugs and errors
  • receive negative user feedback
  • overwhelm the product with plenty of unnecessary features

Top 6 cases for MVP development

It doesn’t matter whether you need a simple or complex solution – it’s always better to start with MVP development. But there are cases when MVP will suit you best:

  • want to test the concept on the audience
  • need to attract investment and show investors a working solution
  • want to quickly get a simple solution for further internal development
  • need to get an MVP to solve some simple tasks
  • test several ideas for startup launch
  • want to collect the user base and give users the ability to test the product
  • want to reduce software development costs while increasing chances for product success

MVP Development Process

Just 7 days and you get the 1st product version ready

Idea & Requirements

We analyze your idea, clarify the project goals, collect the requirements, plan the work.

Product design

We use ready-market solutions, proven tools, and our expertise to quickly create a beautiful modern design.


We say “no” to the heavy functionality and “yes” to implementing the key features only.

QA & Stabilization

QA engineers test MVP, find bugs, send them for debugging, and ensure the product meets the requirements.

Delivery to the client

Test MVP on the audience, collect user feedback, check it in business processes, and tailor it to your needs!

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Clutch named us a leading mobile app development company in Belarus. We are also recognized as a top software engineering firm by DesignRush and The Manifest.

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