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OZiTAG crafts web applications from back to front, tailoring them to our clients’ business needs, schedule, and budget plan. Whether you want to build a new product, automate operations, or optimize resources - our specialists will bring alive the optimal solution to help your company grow. With proven technologies and solid solution vision, we offer full-stack web development services to elaborate, design, develop, test, and maintain custom web products.

Web Solutions We Create

  • Custom Web Applications. OZiTAG’s engineers take a highly personalized approach to each project, study all its ins and outs, and only then handpick the optimal architecture, tools, and technologies. Depending on your project’s complexity and objectives, we will deliver dynamic and lightweight Single Page Applications (SPAs) for a more responsive environment and faster interactions, or create Multi-page Apps (MPAs) for companies with an extensive product portfolio.
  • eCommerce Applications. To help you generate more traffic and increase conversions, we build online shopping web apps that connect with your customers via intuitive navigation, high-load online catalogs, and PCI-compliant payment gateways. On top of this, we equip our solutions with integrated shopping carts, eCommerce modules, and SEO-friendly structure. We make digital stores mobile-optimized from the start to achieve higher customer loyalty and outreach right after their launch.
  • CMS-based Web Applications. To keep your website content up-to-date and save your company time and hassle, our developers will customize an off-the-shelf CMS platform, like WordPress and Hubspot, take the most out of its robust potential and modify it for extra functionality, like security plugins, advanced features, and a custom interface. This way we have helped dozens of clients digitize their paper content, put in place communication tools among coworkers, designate user roles, schedule publications, and automate labor-intensive manual processes.
  • Web Portals. OZiTAG has hands-on experience in building custom B2B and B2C portals. Looking for a corporate solution to optimize business processes within your organization? We will equip a web portal with team collaboration tools, lead management functionality, performance reporting, and integrations with ERP, CRM, payment gateways, HRM systems, and so on. Seeking a way to create customer loyalty for your online business? We turn a web-portal into an easy-to-navigate self-service tool, featuring a user-friendly interface and multichannel communication tools, such as email, social networks, and chatbots.
  • Animated Web Applications. For visually rich and highly interactive web solutions, our designers leverage 2D/3D animation tools, including the WebGL and OpenGL libraries, JavaScript and CSS frameworks, and web animation APIs: Anime.js, mo.js, and others. We combine impressive animations with fast page loading speed to achieve a “wow” effect and make your app stand out from the competition.

Web Application Development Services We Provide

  • Backend Engineering. We make sure that the whole server-side of an app functions flawlessly with proven frameworks, such as PHP Laravel and Node.js, and their multiple libraries and tools. OZiTAG backend engineers focus on functional, technical, and business logic of a web app, create its architecture, build custom APIs, and connect the product with databases for information storage and retrieval.
  • Frontend Engineering. Expertise in the leading frontend technologies, like React.js and Vue.js, allows us to provide end-users with an intuitive and consistent web interface in line with Responsive Web Development (RWD) best practices. OZiTAG designers and UX/UI experts convert user journey within a web app into code, make a high-fidelity prototype, and deliver a consistent UX/UI design no matter what browser and device customers are using.
  • CMS Customization. Our team modifies powerful and extremely flexible WordPress and Hubspot CMS solutions, making them work both for SPAs and complex content-heavy websites. We will configure a setting, integrate ready-made plugins, create modules from scratch, and develop APIs to connect a CMS-based solution with third-party applications.
  • Numerous Integrations. To meet specialised business processes and industry requirements, we extend the functionality of our web solutions with multiple add-ons and ensure their seamless connection with the final product: warehouse automation and inventory management solutions, payment gateways, including PayPal, Stripe and Braintree, and other systems: ERP, CRM, HRMS.
  • UX/UI Web Design. Our designers work on making web apps highly responsive and optimized for extended user engagement. Their work ensures smooth transitions, dynamic menu interfaces, advanced search functions, fast page loading, and attractive layouts.
  • Testing. From requirements testing to the release and deployment stages, we provide full-life manual and automated QA services. OZiTAG dedicated QA engineers use PHPUnit, Jest, Cypress, and other instruments for 100% bug-free functioning of an app.
  • Support. To ensure that your business operations run smoothly after a web app release, we offer regular updates, maintenance, and support services. We are doing our best to transform our projects into long-lasting partnerships with clients and keep them assured of the product quality in the long term.

Web Application Basic Components

  • UX/UI Web Application Component. We work on activity logs, dashboards, notifications, settings, statistics, and other elements of the interface layout plan of a web app, to ensure that the delivered solution both solves a complex business problem and satisfies users.
  • Client Component. Our engineers deeply customize software components, using their expertise in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, to ensure a high-quality user’s interaction with a web app via interactive graphical user interface (GUI) elements: buttons, menus, icons, branded graphics.
  • Server Component. OZiTAG’s custom software and database engineers install and configure server components to ensure optimal software requirements. Working on the two main parts of the component - app logic and database - they apply their deep knowledge of MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis database management systems, to quickly gather, organize, and process vast amounts of data in accordance with the business objective.
  • Automated Testing. Our dedicated QA engineers run tests for performance, usability, accessibility, unit, security, as well as regression and load testing, powered by PHPUnit, Jest, and Cypress tools.
  • Cloud Infrastructure Component. To provide extreme reliability and scalability without heavy investments, we develop cloud-native web apps from scratch and help our client migrate to a new cloud environment. OZiTAG’s specialists build, text, and deploy updates, setting up GitLab’s continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipeline and leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS)/Google Cloud Platform (GCP) services.

Why Choose OZiTAG?

Multi-year expertise. From single page websites to complex E-Commerce systems, we have expertise for a project of any size and complexity, targeting any industry sector and pursuing the most ambitious business objectives.

Cost efficiency. When it comes to selecting a technology stack, we always search for the most resource-efficient solution for our client, to keep your project on time, on track, and on budget.

Well-established predictable processes. We align project management best practices with our own experience to ensure that our client has a clear vision of the development cycle and has access to every stage of the product development lifecycle. Together we choose the most efficient communication channels, reporting tools, and feedback sessions.

Result-oriented approach. For every project, no matter the size, complexity, or duration, we provide tailored technology consulting services, define the client’s requirements, assess the underlying needs of potential users, and only then move forward to wireframing and prototyping.

Lifetime software warranty. We correct any defect in our solution, no matter when it is detected, without any additional fee, unless the delivered source code has been assessed or modified by a third-party developer.

Our customers

We work with aspiring startups, middle-sized companies, and large corporations with a turnover of billions of dollars.

Period:Period: 2018

A Swedish multinational manufacturing company headquartered in Gothenburg.


Successful startup that engages in development of artificial intelligence technologies, computer vision and mobile apps that transmit real-time video streams with augmented reality.

Period:Period: 2016-now

№1 housekeeping service platform in Belarus.

Period:Period: 2019-now
Whip Around

A New Zealand-based startup which has developed Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) for fleet owners all over the world

Period:Period: 2017-2019

Rosbank is included in the list of 11 systemically important credit organizations by the Bank of Russia.

Period:Period: 2014-now
United Traders

Investment company that received the award “Best Hedge Fund”, “A company with the best training system in the stock market”. The company serves 52 countries.

Period:Period: 2017

Wargaming is one of the leaders on the free-to-play MMO market. Over 18 years, the industry has released more than 15 games for completely different platforms.

Period:Period: 2019

ML-based dental photography web solution which became one-of-a-kind in France

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