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Get a better return from online activities with OZiTAG web expertise

Since its inception in 2015, OZiTAG has been offering web design and development services at affordable rates to help businesses attract customers and keep them on the website. We build web products with a targeted marketing strategy behind them, to find new revenue streams for your business, maximize your online presence, and reach the right customer at the right time.

Web Design & Development Solutions We Provide

  • Corporate websites:We know how to use web design and development best practices to communicate the brand value, concisely describe what a company does, and convince users of the benefits you are offering. Additionally, we ensure website hassle-free management and maintenance, allowing non-technical users to focus on customer retention strategies instead of content uploading and updating issues.
  • Promo websites:We deliver high-converting promotional web pages that grab the visitor’s attention from the start thanks to unique, yet well-grounded design solutions and structured layouts. Search engine optimization, integration with social networks, and additional marketing tools, like quizzes, questionnaires, and games, allow to promote a new product and target a specific audience segment.
  • Portfolio websites:At OZiTAG, we will build an attractive online platform to help you display your work, expand on your skills and services, and finally reach clients on a global scale. We will empower a website with a sleek design, fully responsive layouts, multilingual user interface, and optimized high-quality images, to ensure its fault-tolerant performance across all browsers.
  • Blogs: Whether you want to start a personal or corporate blog, we will help you make yourself a recognized expert with this tool. We pair a powerful, yet simple admin panel with a user-friendly interface, and insert SEO tools for better rankings in search engines.
  • Catalog websites:We cover the development and optimization of price comparison and review websites, listings, and niche business directories, which streamline local searches with a user-friendly interface, custom algorithms for processing large volumes of data, and smooth performance during traffic peaks.
  • Educational and entertainment websites: Underpinned by our multi-year expertise in the Edtech and Media & Entertainment sectors, we know how to empower websites with effective content categorization, personalized user experience, and advanced tools for content protection, like encryption, granular access control, and watermarking. Our team makes seamless integrations with any third-party solution, including ERP, CRM, payment systems, and social media.
  • Online stores: We deliver eCommerce websites that feature intuitive navigation, integrated recommendation engines, and chatbots, leading customers to a smooth check-out. Strict PCI DSS compliance and integrated third-party payment gateways guarantee 100% secure financial transactions, while a cloud-based infrastructure eliminates outrages and scales up and down depending on real-time demand.

Types of Websites We Create

  • Static websites.We build HTML single and multi-page static websites with attractive and responsive UI and configurable themes. Our expertise allows us to offer the most cost-efficient solutions on the market and meet challenging deadlines.
  • CMS-based websites.Content management systems, including WordPress and Hubspot, enable the development of web products with clean, organized backends and scalable frontends. Ready-made modules and pre-built options ensure reduced development costs, while the flexible nature of the CMSs provides a highly customized web solution.
  • Headless websites.We use a decoupled CMS to overcome the limitations of a traditional content management system and build a unique feature-rich design, with no constraints at the presentation layer.

Technology Expertise We Offer

  • Website layout services.We follow the latest HTML 5 and CSS 3 standards, as well as responsive design techniques, to ensure a great desktop, mobile, and tablet user experience and help achieve maximum exposure in the search engines
  • Backend web development services.As an expert in website design and development services, we unlock the potential of PHP and its frameworks, namely Laravel, to deliver feature-rich web applications. For content-heavy websites, which require smooth publication and constant updates, we often utilize content management systems, such as WordPress and Hubspot. hardware.
  • Frontend development services.We deliver user-friendly and consistent interfaces, based on the React.JS framework, and add Next.JS and Gatsby.JS tools depending on the project context, to increase conversions, achieve social media campaign success and improve application/intranet user experience.
  • UI/UX Design.Our experts construct responsive Graphic User Interfaces (GUI), that feature animation, embedded media, and multiple integrations, along with ensuring the website’s correct functioning on different device types and browsers.
  • Website maintenance.Once your project goes live, you can always rely on our post-launch support services. We apply our QA best practices and use monitoring and error tracking software, like Sentry, to ensure the fault-free performance of your web app, detect bugs, track and tackle arising technical issues, so that you could upgrade and develop your web project with confidence.

Website Development Process We Follow

  • Understanding needs.We study thoroughly the ins and outs of your business to build a comprehensive roadmap with timelines and performance requirements, reduce technical and market risks during the web development lifecycle and make sure that we stay on the same page regarding the project and its objectives.
  • Wireframing.After determining the website architecture, we prepare layout prototypes to display the placement of elements, a site map, and user flow, as well as clarify how features will be executed, ensuring the client’s clear understanding of the website design and delivery process.
  • Design.Our frontend engineers and designers provide pixel-perfect compliance with design mockups, UX/UI consistency across the entire web app, and integrated animations and effects without compromising the product’s performance.
  • Layout coding.Using HTML and CSS, we transform design into web pages, and share a web version of the prototype that looks and feels like a real web app or website.
  • Development.When working on the core of your web app, our back-end engineers focus on its scalability, to support the growth of the product, flexibility, to integrate the product seamlessly with other systems and APIs, and security, to protect your users, processes, and business.
  • Testing.We apply both manual and automated QA, depending on the project’s context and needs, from day one, to ensure that the web app runs correctly across all browsers and screens, quickly improve the product, roll out new features, and reduce time-to-market.
  • Launch. Our team works closely with a client not only through development but also through product launches. At OZiTAG we nurture long-term relationships, and our clients can always rely on our maintenance and support services after the product goes live.

Why Choose OZiTAG?

  • Multi-year expertise.From single page websites to complex E-Commerce systems, we have expertise for a project of any size and complexity, targeting any industry sector and pursuing the most ambitious business objectives.
  • Cost efficiency.When it comes to selecting a technology stack, we always search for the most resource-efficient solution for our client, to keep your project on time, on track, and on budget.
  • Well-established predictable processes.We align project management best practices with our own experience to ensure that our client has a clear vision of the development cycle and has access to every stage of the product development lifecycle. Together we choose the most efficient communication channels, reporting tools, and feedback sessions.
  • Result-oriented approach.For every project, no matter the size, complexity, or duration, we provide tailored technology consulting services, define the client’s requirements, assess the underlying needs of potential users, and only then move forward to wireframing and prototyping.
  • Lifetime software warranty.We correct any defect in our solution, no matter when it is detected, without any additional fee, unless the delivered source code has been assessed or modified by a third-party developer.


Our customers

We work with aspiring startups, middle-sized companies, and large corporations with a turnover of billions of dollars.

Period:Period: 2018

A Swedish multinational manufacturing company headquartered in Gothenburg.


Successful startup that engages in development of artificial intelligence technologies, computer vision and mobile apps that transmit real-time video streams with augmented reality.

Period:Period: 2016-now

№1 housekeeping service platform in Belarus.

Period:Period: 2019-now
Whip Around

A New Zealand-based startup which has developed Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) for fleet owners all over the world

Period:Period: 2017-2019

Rosbank is included in the list of 11 systemically important credit organizations by the Bank of Russia.

Period:Period: 2014-now
United Traders

Investment company that received the award “Best Hedge Fund”, “A company with the best training system in the stock market”. The company serves 52 countries.

Period:Period: 2017

Wargaming is one of the leaders on the free-to-play MMO market. Over 18 years, the industry has released more than 15 games for completely different platforms.

Period:Period: 2019

ML-based dental photography web solution which became one-of-a-kind in France

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